25 Exciting Career Paths in Public Administration

If looking for a degree in public administration, there can be more to it than just program rankings and salary questions. What to do after graduation can be as daunting a task as getting an education. Because there is no one path to a career in public administration as there is with doctors or lawyers, what to do with your degree can be confusing.

To help clarify, we have gathered 25 exciting career paths in public administration. They can help you make the most of your education and your work days with choices on everything from an after school job to what can happen when public administration goes right.

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Top 50 City Government Blogs

It doesn’t matter if your city is populated into the millions or encompasses only a few hundred people. They all have city governments that can range from a department of thousands to a temporary meeting place with a part time staff. Although the average citizen may just think of government as an entity that solely exists to tax and spend, there is more going on than that. At least from their own writings.

To see for yourself, check out the below top 50 city government blogs. They are authored by everyone from well-known mayors to citizen watchdogs. Read them to learn how a city budget works, how townhall meetings are conducted, and even to see the inner workings of a police department.

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20 Specialty Search Engines and Web Databases for Public Administrators

Anyone working in or getting an education in public administration can have loads of research to do and little time. Even items such as the difference between public administration certificates, bachelor’s degrees, and doctorate degrees, can all take up valuable time. And if looking for a search engine or database just for public administrators beyond the basics like Google and local government office, there are even more difficulties.

To help make things easier, we have gathered 20 specialty search engines and web databases for public administrators. They include searches of government databases, private search engine utilizations, and even a few lesser and well known entries, along with why you should consider making the switch from your current search engine.

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30 Helpful Sites to find Public Administration Internships

When you are looking to advance your career, an internship can help. One of the problems with being fresh out of school is that you don’t have any practical real world experience that employers can use to gauge your ability to fit in at work, or to competently handle your job. An internship, though, can give you the experience that you need.

Internships are especially helpful in the realm of public administration. A public administration internship can complement your degree, giving you hands on opportunities to learn about the workings of public administration. Not only can you get valuable, first hand knowledge about a public administration career, but you can also make contacts and develop relationships. The networking opportunities that come from completing such an internship can be very helpful as you work to advance your career.

If you are looking for a good internship opportunity, here are 30 helpful sites to send you in the right direction:

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10 Interesting Facts About the History of Public Administration

Public administration has a rich history that dates back to the Greeks. Public administration is putting laws in action to better serve a civilization and the public. While the idea of public administration dates back thousands of years, it played a significant role throughout history as countries developed and new technology changed the way we live and interact. Here’s a look at 10 interesting facts about the history of public administration. It’s interesting to see how far we’ve come and how public administration continues to develop as we deal with new challenges like the Internet and public safety.

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20 Funniest Presidential Gaffes of All Time

We’re all human and capable of making mistakes, but those who live their lives in the public eye are for more susceptible to feeling the pain long after the mistake has been made. Presidential gaffes are a dime a dozen, but here’s a collection of the funniest mistakes and moments of embarrassment ever encountered by a president or vice president while on the job.

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30 Most Interesting Water Safety and Management Blogs

The phrase “water management” means a lot of things. From how to efficiently distribute water to the public, making sure water is sanitized or managing the sewage or waste water, this broad term has many meanings. These thirty blogs help better explain the process of treating, distributing and maintaining this vital resource and offer insight into how this system is run by public administration officials.

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The 50 Best City Manager Blogs, Sites, and More

A city manager is often charged with managing the city’s budget, various offices, and a ton of other responsibilities. Appointed, not elected, they must have outstanding educational and managerial qualifications. This can include but is not limited to a master’s degree in a relevant area, on the job experience working for a city, and supervisory skills.

To help learn more about what a city manager does, we have gathered the 50 best city manager blogs, sites, and more. Use them to learn about the managers behind the nation’s largest cities, or just a few of the more outspoken ones.

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Fresh Blogging: The Top 50 Clean Air Advocacy Blogs

Clean air is on the mind of everyone. More people than ever suffer from lower respiratory problems such as asthma. Air pollution is also known for worsening the conditions of those with cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. While there’s no way to zap all of the pollution from the atmosphere, there are lifestyle changes we can make that will contribute to the clean air movement.

Learning more on the subject and reaching out to clean air activist groups will make you aware of the state of the planet and encourage you to make an effort to go green.

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