Fresh Blogging: The Top 50 Clean Air Advocacy Blogs

Clean air is on the mind of everyone. More people than ever suffer from lower respiratory problems such as asthma. Air pollution is also known for worsening the conditions of those with cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. While there’s no way to zap all of the pollution from the atmosphere, there are lifestyle changes we can make that will contribute to the clean air movement.

Learning more on the subject and reaching out to clean air activist groups will make you aware of the state of the planet and encourage you to make an effort to go green.

Tips for Clean Air at Home

  1. About My Planet – Improve Air Quality Mold Learn why canning is the way to go when it comes to storing food for a long duration of time. This article explains what you need to get started.
  2. Hybrid Miles One of the easiest ways to improve air quality is to drive a hyrbid car. This website does the dirty work for you so you can find the vehicle that fits your family.
  3. Air Care If you don’t drive a hybrid, there are still pre-cautions you can take to make your car run more efficiently.
  4. Help the Air This fantastic site has clean air tips for caring for your lawn, driving and choosing the right products that won’t contribute to pollution.
  5. Spokane Clean Air – Seasonal Tips Depending on what season it is, there are different things you can do to clean up the air. For summer, this means thinking green when you travel.
  6. Clean Air Choice These tips from the American Lung Association shows ways you can reduce air pollution by implementing simple changes such as using mass transit and opting for shorter vacations.
  7. Healthy Air Living – Clean Air Tips From skipping charcoal for your barbecue pit to walking more often (instead of driving), this site has accessible lifestyle changes you can make now.
  8. Clean Air Gardening Learn how to make your gardening techniques even greener by implementing organic products that won’t contaminate the eco-system.
  9. Clean Air Cool Planet – Green Office Even large corporations can make an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Calculate your carbon footprint and organize fellow employees to change their ways around the workplace.
  10. Clean Air Plan Canada Simple tips from real people who want clean air to become a concern for everyone. Some are common knowledge, while others are innovative; you choose what works for you.
  11. Northwest Clean Air Agency – Clean Air Tips You’ll be amazed with the plethora of clean air tips available on this site. From eating local for Thanksgiving to eco-friendly Christmas trees, there’s a lot to learn from this site.
  12. SCV Smog Check – Clean Air Tips These tips will help keep your car in tip-top condition and is ideal for those who have to pass the California smog test.
  13. IDEM – Clean Air Tip This site goes beyond the usual and shows you how to reduce your pollution contribution at the office and around the house. These steps take little effort that won’t cut into your”normal” lifestyle.
  14. Houseplants Even houseplants suffer from the poor quality of air that lurks in most homes. Learn what to do to improve air quality, allowing your plants to thrive.
  15. Earth 911 – Air Pollution Prevention Get the skinny on air pollution and why major lifestyle changes need to take place ASAP in order to improve the quality of life on Earth.

Clean Energy Websites

  1. Clean Air Advocacy In these letters to the editor of Backwoods Home, readers gain tips on canning garlic and mixed vegetables. See how this pro puts away canned items to get her family through the winter.
  2. Clean Energy Fuels One of the last ways we vote is with our dollar, so learn about the companies that run their delivery trucks using clean fuels.
  3. Clean Break Break away from fossil fuels with the help of this blog, which will educate you on clean air practices and how big cities are making an effort to reduce greenhouse emissions.
  4. Clean Energy News There are many clean energy sources, but the bureaucratic red tape that prevents them from being used is a difficult subject. This blog follows clean energy news and discusses developments and laws on the topic.
  5. Types of Renewable Energy What are the clean energy sources that can replace fossil fuels? Let us count the ways! Learn about various types of renewable energy and if they can be implemented on a large scale.
  6. Alt Energy Stocks Keep track of how alternative energy stocks are doing. A great resource for those interested in investing in the future of the planet.
  7. Clean Tech For the techie who is also green, this site keeps track of all of the major developments that marry both worlds.
  8. The Oil Drum Keep up with the future of energy with this remarkable blog that illustrates just how big of a problem air pollution truly is, especially in highly populated cities like Los Angeles and Tokyo.
  9. Green is Good Keep up with the significant changes cities large and small are making to reduce air pollution and their carbon footprint.
  10. NY Times – Green Blog The New York Times has a green blog that discusses topics like recent oil rig debacles, animal extinction and what cities are utilizing smart grids wisely.
  11. Energy Balance This blogger keeps us in the loop on how cities and countries around the globe are making great strides to go green. In recent news is Australia’s vow to be carbon neutral by 2020.
  12. Alternative Energy News Info See the effort various cities and companies are making to clean up their acts. While this initially costs the establishment an investment, it usually ends up being cheaper in the long run.
  13. Watt Head Clean energy sources like wind turbines and solar panels are discussed on this website that has tips for the DIY methods that can make your home green.
  14. Green Energy Source Get the scoop on clean energy sources that will hopefully be used on a large scale in the very near future.

Websites for Local and Federal Clean Air Issues

  1. Clean Air Canada This is the Canadian site for clean air advocacy and goes into law and policy for the country.
  2. EPA – Clean Air Act Learn more about the Clean Air Act in the U.S. and what it means for cities with high pollution.
  3. Air Alliance Houston Check out this organization that will make you want to get involved in your community to make clean air a priority for everyone.
  4. Air Now This fantastic site is chock full of air pollution info from around the U.S., allowing citizens to check their local air report daily.
  5. New Brunswick Lung Association Because air quality drastically effects those with lung disorders, this Canadian site does a fantastic job of providing tips to reduce pollution.
  6. Ready – Clean Air If air pollution progresses, you and your family need to be ready. Learn what to keep on hand to protect yourself from a harmful outbreak or dense smog that can damage the lungs.
  7. Clean Energy Classrooms This Canadian site shows ways that clean energy lessons can be taught in the classroom, teaching children that a sustainable energy source is the only way to move into the future successfully.
  8. Top 25 Towns for Clean Air/Dirty Air A rundown of cities with the most amazing and most deplorable air quality conditions. Where does your city rank?
  9. City of Lawton Oklahoma – Clean Air Tips Even mid-size cities like Lawton are putting clean air advocacy on the minds of citizens. Severe pollution is prevalent in towns of this size, proving it’s a serious problem.
  10. Environment Canada This is a fantastic online resource for those who want to learn more about the Canadian government’s role in reducing air pollution and what it’s doing to make it a concern of citizens.

Activists Websites for Clean Air

  1. Clean Air Advocacy Seasoned canners may realize they go overboard producing a certain type of food, such as applesauce. Here’s an innovative idea on what to do when you’re sick of the mushy stuff.
  2. Project Clean Air This project is dedicated to promoting clean air in the work place and at home, proving that every little bit counts.
  3. Clean Air Action This Houston organization is eager to get citizens on board and students working towards clean air with simple adjustments to their every day routines.
  4. Clean Air Group Worldwide This major clean air advocacy group has branches all over the globe and works to educate others on reducing their carbon footprint to improve air quality.
  5. Coalition for Clean Air This organization based in California is making great strides in changing the ways of the consumer. Sign up for their newsletter no matter where you are in the world and pick up a few tips on how to cut down on your energy consumption.
  6. Pollution Probe If you aren’t one for hippie-dippy utopian ideals, this organization is for you. They vow to support projects that can come to life instead of perfecting plans that never go into action.
  7. Clean Air This fantastic clean air blog keeps track of developments throughout the U.S. and also provides a free newsletter that will inspire you to take note of your energy use (and hopefully reduce it).
  8. 4 Clean Air This site provides extensive reports over the different types of air pollution such as haze and particle pollution.
  9. Society for Environmental Journalists The journalists who are making the Earth’s business our business can be found at this site, with work featured from various publications around the web.
  10. Clean Air Strategic Alliance This organization is a fabulous example of what can happen when local and federal governments join forces with experts in the environmental field.
  11. CarbonFund This organization shows you how to live green and the blog keeps you up to date with everything eco-news. Learn how you can make a difference starting today.

Clean air maybe a pipe dream, but drastically reducing your carbon footprint is easier than you think. The Internet provides a myriad of invaluable sources that can show us how to go green for the long haul and result in a clean air movement that benefits future generations.