Master of Public Administration (General MPA)

Public Administration is often defined as “the implementation of government policies.” Individuals employed in the public sector – working to create, shape, and enact the laws and bureaucratic decisions of governments at the local, state, and federal level – would fall under this category. Those working in public administration, also known as public administrators, work to provide services to the citizens serve, under the scope and budget of the government entity they are employed under.

The general MPA is a post-graduate degree in the broad field of public administration, typically serving students who are either already employed at some level of government, through a government agency, or with a non-profit. The MPA can also serve those who intend to point their career in that direction. Typically, students choose the MPA track because of a desire to serve in a management or leadership capacity. Because of the nature and structure of government employment, MPA degree coursework typically spans many fields, including accounting and finance, and policy and program management, as well as legal studies, human resources, and ethics. Entering a typical general MPA program, prospective students are expected to have some background in social sciences and statistics – as well as a satisfactory score on the GRE.

MPA Specializations and Related Degrees

Schools with online MPA Programs

University of Southern California Master of Public Admin University of Southern California – A nation-wide leader in education, USC gives students an opportunity to obtain an accredited Masters degree in Public Admin. This degree is available in both online and campus courses, giving students the choice that best fits their situation and schedule. This program is designed for students who want to become public administrators or other high level leadership positions.
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Purdue University Master of Public Admin Master of Public Health Purdue University – Purdue University’s accredited online Masters in Public Administration degrees are designed for those that want to become a public administrator, while the other for those that want to enter governmental management or public health. Both are fully online degrees that can be completed relatively quickly and on your own schedule. These positions are centered in an industry always seeking highly-skilled individuals.
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George Washington University MPS Political Management George Washington University – The MPS in Political Management degree at George Washington University is available through accredited online and campus classes. The online courses can be completed at a pace that is comfortable to you and in an environment of your choosing. Moreover, the assignments can be worked on any computer - no special software needed - at home, at school, or even on the go.
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Northcentral University MBA Public Admin DBA Public Admin Northcentral University – Northcentral University has a Masters of Nonprofit Management that focuses on teaching students the core competencies needed for leadership and administration positions, like communication, task prioritization, project management and organization, planning, and human interaction skills. This degree, through online programs, can be completed in only 18 months and can be worked on from any computer, no special software required.
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Syracuse University Executive Master of Public Administration Syracuse University – Syracuse University offers multiple online masters in public administration programs that are fast-paced and convenient. Their online programs are designed for those who want to pursue high level public administration positions like a governmental administrator, enter emergency preparedness and response, or join homeland security. Students will learn and develop core skills necessary to become the leaders of the future.
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Seton Hall University Master of Public Administration Seton Hall University – Seton Hall University offers two online masters in public administration degrees. The first is designed for those that want to become a public administrator, whereas the second is designed for those that want to influence public policy. The curriculum in both degrees is created to reflect the current environment in order to give students key qualifications needed to take on positions in the field.
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Achieve Test Prep Master of Public Administration Achieve Test Prep – We can help you earn your business administration or management degree online in 1/2 the time and cost of traditional schools. With our Live, teacher led-online classes and our test-out program, we’ll prepare you to pass just 1 exam and earn credit for a full semester-long college course! No big boring-expensive textbooks or college papers, or busywork or group projects. Improve knowledge in subjects such as management, business communication, psychology, and finance. The degree covers fundamental business skills you need to get a better job.
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