The 50 Best City Manager Blogs, Sites, and More

A city manager is often charged with managing the city’s budget, various offices, and a ton of other responsibilities. Appointed, not elected, they must have outstanding educational and managerial qualifications. This can include but is not limited to a master’s degree in a relevant area, on the job experience working for a city, and supervisory skills.

To help learn more about what a city manager does, we have gathered the 50 best city manager blogs, sites, and more. Use them to learn about the managers behind the nation’s largest cities, or just a few of the more outspoken ones.

Best West City Manager Blogs

  1. Rick Cole : This blog is a civic forum for real time news and dialogue regarding the city of Ventura, California. A highlight of the blog is that City Manager Cole actually welcomes feedback and comments from is readers, as long as they are civil and on topic. News, updates, and future plans are often the topics of posts.
  2. Steve Pinkerton : He has been the city manager of Manteca, California since 2008. Steve also has two master’s degrees in urban planning and economics. Various contributors to the blog post on local icons, the city, news, and more.
  3. Elizabeth Fretwell : Not just the subject of Elvis songs, managing the city of Las Vegas, Nevada is no easy task. Their office is responsible for the effective administration and operation of all municipal services for the entire city. There are also many other programs overseen, such as the city’s diversity and community relations programs.
  4. Wendy Greuel : She is the City Controller for Los Angeles, California. Check out her blog to get the latest on the happenings at City Hall. One of the most current entries was on brining transparency to government.
  5. Gavin Newsom : He is the outspoken Mayor of San Francisco. Visitors can read about his many departments from community development to youth works. There are also many news entries concerning the city.
  6. LaVonne Griffin-Valade : She is the City Auditor for Portland, Oregon. Learn more about who she is and what she does with a visit. You can also get information on divisions and programs such as audit services and elections.
  7. City Budget Office : Because budgets are something a city manager comes into contact with a great deal, stop here. It is the site for the Budget Office of Seattle, Washington. Sections include updates, inflation, and a budget process overview.
  8. Scott Darrington : Although he gave no reason for it, Scott stopped blogging in 2009. See what was happening in the city of South Ogden, Utah back then with a read. There is also a link to the city’s main site.

Best East City Manager Blogs

  1. Bernard Lynch : The City of Lowell, Massachusetts’s Blog is where they offer the community an opportunity to comment on the city’s programs and progress. City Manager Lynch blogs on everything from budget concerns to public service. One of the more recent entries was on making City Hall more friendly.
  2. City of Charleston : This West Virginia city is “the cultural, recreational, and business capital of the Appalachian Mountains.” The blog recounts the goings on in the city and they recently underwent a Sister City coalition with Banska Bystrica. Visit the main site for more.
  3. City of Richmond : One of Virginia’s largest cities, this blog is often updated on by the Office of the Press Secretary to the Mayor. A city guide to improving neighborhoods is the topic of recent posts. Announcements by the mayor are also found.
  4. J. Russell Allen : He is the city manager for Raleigh, North Carolina. Appointed in 2001, he was also the city manager for Rock Hill, South Carolina. Visit to get news, the five strategic themes, and more.
  5. Steve Gantt : With an MPA from the University of South Carolina, Steven is the City Manager for Columbia, South Carolina. Learn more about the Council-Manager Government they have with a visit. You can also get minutes of the council meetings dating back to 2001.
  6. Gary Jackson : Asheville, North Carolina is the location of this city manager. The day to day duties of a city manager are outlined in detail here. There are also links to the many other offices of the city manager.
  7. Roger Stancil : What’s the difference between a city manager and a town manager? Visit the official site for the Town Manager of Chapel Hill, North Carolina to find out. The main site also has loads more.

Best North City Manager Blogs

  1. Amanda M. Burden : Click here to get the official site for the Department of City Planning for New York City. Choose from features such as a neighborhood count or car share program. They also have updates on proposals and many other resources on city planning.
  2. Rosario Salerno : The Office of the City Clerk serves as an important link to residents, visitors, and to municipal government providing services essential to the day-to-day needs of the general public and city agencies. See how the city of Boston, Massachusetts does business on this site. You can also get information on meetings, notices, and reports.
  3. City Council : This is the official site of the City Council for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Often encountered by the city manager, the City Council helps propose and vote on items of interest. See what they are doing and why by visiting.
  4. Dan Sullivan : It doesn’t get more North than the city of Anchorage, Alaska. Mayor Sullivan actually keeps a regular blog to keep its citizens updated. You can also get loads of information on the city’s other resources.
  5. David N. Cicilline : He is the mayor of Providence, Rhode Island. A video gallery full of the latest features is available on the home page. You can also get the top stories or follow the mayor on Twitter.
  6. Adrian Fenty : He is the mayor of the city of D.C. Visit to get the latest news on one of the most well-known cities in the world. Highlights include sections on Tracking D.C., Recovery, and Healthcare.
  7. John Bazzano : He is the town and city clerk for Hartford, Connecticut. It is one of the oldest cities in the U.S. at over 375 years. Look at sections such as agenda, minutes, journals, and more with a visit.
  8. Thomas Aspell : Visit here to get the official site for the City Manager of Concord, New Hampshire. Resources include a goals’ status, budget, amendments, and more. The city’s main site also has other features.
  9. William Bridgeo : He has been the city manager of Augusta, Maine since he was appointed in 1998. Powers and duties are outlined on the homepage. There are also PDFs with related information.

Best South City Manager Blogs

  1. Wes Blackman : Notes, news, and commentary about the people, places and, topics unique to the City of Lake Worth, Florida are featured here. In addition to a quote of the day, Wes also features pictures of his family on the blog. Videos on items of interest are also regularly featured.
  2. Chief Administrative Office : The CAO is one of the most important aspects to the government of New Orleans. Departments include budget, capital administration, health, and many others. They also feature a Quarterly Economic Review for the reading.
  3. Marc A. Ott : He is the City Manager for Dallas, Texas. Get a brief biography along with staff information by visiting. Be sure not to miss the update or highlights sections.
  4. George Little : Visit here to get more information on the Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Memphis, Tennessee. He coordinates all the activities of the city under the supervision of the mayor. Check out the main page for updates.
  5. Jerry Abramson : Elected five times, he is the mayor of Louisville, Kentucky. The news feed is constantly updated with announcements and initiatives. There is also a section where citizens can voice concerns directly to the mayor.
  6. Tomas Regalado : He is the mayor of Miami, Florida. Choices on the site include options such as state of the city and a video gallery. You can also get the latest news and a message directly from the mayor.
  7. City Clerk Home : The Office of the City Clerk is responsible for the maintenance of all official records for the City of Tampa. Visitors can learn more about agendas, boards, the city council, and much more. They also have archives and even a video from the 1960’s.
  8. David Staehling : The Department of Administration, which is headed by the Director of Administration, is responsible for overseeing the many divisions for the city of Biloxi, Mississippi. They include purchasing, finance, voter registration, and many more. The city also offers a weekly webcast with more.
  9. Town Hall Online : This is one of the standout features of the site for Savannah, Georgia. Citizens can voice concerns and have their questions answered on government television. There is also a section for the city’s manager.
  10. Anna Russell : She is the City Secretary for the city of Houston, Texas. More of a record keeper for the city council, you can learn more about her duties with a visit. There is also more information on the city on the main site.

Best Midwest City Manager Blogs

  1. Dave Ruller : He is the city manager for Kent City, Ohio. There are loads of resources to choose from on the blog such as capital projects, a citizen action center, and even a YouTube channel. He also has special sections on budgeting and business.
  2. Scott Neal : Click here for the blog of the City Manager of Eden Prairie, Minnesota. It was recently named one of the best 100 places to live in America and transit is the topic of the blog currently. You can also find blogs for the police department, fire chief, and other public officials.
  3. Theodore Staton : East Lansing is home of Michigan State University. See how a city manager runs and plans a city where a university is so central. There are loads of blog entries on students and tourism.
  4. Jeff Pomeranz : This is the blog for the city manager of West Des Moines, City, Iowa. Jeff has kept the blog going since 2006. Business was the subject of his latest post.
  5. Michael Young : Click here to get the city manager blog for Rockford, Michigan. Michael Young also allows readers to comment simply by typing a little information in. Blog posts often deal with the latest goings on in Rockford.
  6. Stephanie Neely : She is the Treasurer for the City of Chicago. Choices on the site include investments, small business, personal finance, and more. Be sure not to miss the FAQ with many common questions.
  7. Dave Bing : Stop here for the site of the Mayor of the City of Detroit. Monthly statements include meetings minutes and plans. You can also learn more about the city and how it runs on the main site.
  8. James Schmitt : He is the Mayor of Green Bay, Wisconsin. An interesting section includes how to invite the mayor to your event. You can also get information on the budget, financial reports, and more.
  9. Gregory Ballard : Request, Rebuild, and Get Fit are just some of the special options offered by Mayor Greg Ballard of Indianapolis, Indiana. There is also an action center and more information on the mayor’s staff. You can also follow on Facebook and Twitter.
  10. Troy Schulte : He is the City Manager for Kansas City, Missouri. Offices managed include capital projects, communications, emergency management, and many others. Learn more about each by clicking on them.

Best City Manager News

  1. Bell City Salary Scandal : Bell, California was the site of voter outrage when it was discovered that the city manager and other officials were drawing salaries far larger than the national average for the positions. The City Administrative Officer alone had a salary of over $700,000, which is twice that of President Obama. This news piece offers an in-depth look.
  2. Compton Fires City Manager : What can get a city manager fired? The City of Compton was actually pretty quiet about their decision to unanimously fire their current city manager. However, speculation is that the city was looking to reestablish the police department.
  3. City Manager’s Letter to Residents : Allen Bogard is the City Manager from Sugarland, Texas. In a rarity, a city manager actually writes an open letter to the citizens of the city. Where the money is coming from and where it is going are all discussed.
  4. Ask Lee McDougal : He served the city of Montclair as its city manager for 10 and one-half years. Now in this interview for All Business, he discusses what a city manager does. Also interesting to see the viewpoint of a city manager from Canada.
  5. What Does a City Manager Do? : If still unsure on what a city manager does, click here. Wisegeek answers the topic in this guide. You can also get articles on pay, news, employment, and more.
  6. An Exit Interview with City Manager Bill Emlen : What does a city manager do at the end of his career? Read this interview with the “Davis Voice”to find out. In it, City Manager Bill Emlen discusses his career as a city manager, along with his proudest accomplishments.